In Flames – Clayman (Re-recorded)

In Flames are now celebrating their 30th anniversary and the 20th anniversary of their break out album “Clayman” which is being released as a special edition with re-recorded versions of several songs.

Frontman Anders Fridén says of the 20th Anniversary Edition: “This record changed our career in a number of ways. Being the 20th anniversary this year, we had to do something massive for the fans. Going back into the studio to re-record some of the original tracks took us right back in time to when we first recorded them. Every detail of the new artwork and visuals was deeply thought out keeping in mind what the Jesterheads would want to see most. This one’s for you. Thank you for 20 years of Clayman.”

A new digital EP “Clayman 2020” will be released on July 24 featuring the four re-recorded songs “Only For The Weak”, “Bullet Ride”, “Pinball Map” and “Clayman”.


“Bullet Ride”
“Pinball Map”
“Only For The Weak”
“…As The Future Repeats Today”
“Square Nothing”
“Satellites And Astronauts”
“Brush The Dust Away”
“Suburban Me”
“Another Day In Quicksand”
“Themes And Variations In D-Minor” (instrumental)
“Only For The Weak” (Re-recorded)
“Bullet Ride” (Re-recorded)
“Pinball Map” (Re-recorded)
“Clayman” (Re-recorded)

Napalm Death Launch New Tour And New EP

Napalm Death with release a new Digital EP and 7 Inch titled “Logic Ravaged By Brute Force” on February 7th on Century Media Records and also kick off their new Campaign For Musical Destruction tour with Eyhategod, Misery Index, Rotten Sound and Bat.

The EP will be one new song and a cover song of “White Kross” by Sonic Youth as an advance single for their new album to be released later in 2020.

Barney Greenway recently told Metal Mad TV about the album:

“In keeping with NAPALM DEATH custom, we had a vast swathe of new songs with many different flavors. So then naturally we moved into single territory and opted for ‘Logic Ravaged By Brute Force’. It’s the coldness and desperation of the guitar chords and voice that swung it. And then, seeing as SONIC YOUTH mash chords like few others, this cover of ‘White Kross’ just seemed to lift itself beyond the constraints of cover — or filler — song into a bit of a rumbling wall-of-sound epic”.

“One good example of people being treated as the other is this whole thing about immigrants. Not everybody, but there is a certain percentage of the population that looks at them as something different — like, not human, almost. I wanted to challenge that way of thinking. Not only is it the other immigrants or whatever you want to call people that migrate. There’s other things as well — other people who are treated as ‘the other.’ I would suggest simply, generally, that it’s not necessary to treat people differently.”

Napalm Death – “Logic Ravaged By Brute Force” will be available in the following formats as well as digital:

* Black vinyl – Unlimited
* Blue vinyl – 200x copies via CM distro Europe
* Light Green vinyl – 100x copies via CM webshop Europe
* Neon Yellow vinyl – 100x copies via CM webshop USA (out February 28!)
* Orange vinyl – 600x exclusively from the band on the road!